7Th Of November 2016, Lunchtime
The Police Control Room contacted CCTV controllers with details of a man named as a suspect in the murder of Peter Shickle, which had been re-ported by the press and on TV. Both the victim and the suspect were from the Stevenage area and the police were anxious to locate the suspect and so requested any possible help.
A CCTV controller began an area search of the town centre for any sign of the suspect, whose name was known to him. Some time later the controller spotted the suspect at the rear of the multi-story car park and informed the police and patched his images through to their control room via the control room’s direct video link.
Shortly afterwards the suspect was arrested on suspicion of murder by police officers in the Town Square and was taken away into custody in Hatfield.

Details of the murder suspect and his appearance at St Albans Crown Court received widespread coverage in the local press and BBC Regional News.
The good work of CCTV controllers is seldom ever acknowledged in the news, but is an essential part of maintaining public safety.

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