CCTV Installation and Monitoring

CCTV Installation and Monitoring

The Hertfordshire CCTV Partnership Ltd offer a wide range of solutions which are geared towards detection, prevention and prosecution of crime and anti social behaviour. Each system is designed to be bespoke for the site and we will advise you on the best options for coverage and detection based on your budget and needs.

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PIR motion sensors link to the nearest camera with a tour that incorporates the range of the PIR.
Motion capture cameras

    Any activations of the PIRs or motion capture cameras are sent directly to our control room facility in Stevenage which is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The operators are given a time of activation and which camera is associated with the activation, the footage is then reviewed and appropriate action taken.
Example of an activation showing movement on a camera


      If an intruder is seen on site the CCTV Operator will take appropriate action
    • If it is a person who is not supposed to be on site they will warn them via the integrated loudspeaker system on site.
    • If the person is engaging in criminal activity the rn relevant police division will be notified via our direct link to the police control room.
  • The CCTV control room are able to give live updates to police officers on the ground to help capture any persons involved in the criminal activity.


  • All footage on our systems are recorded on site for at rn least 28 days and are readily available to review and download via our on site police liaison officer.
    All evidence is sent directly to the investigating police officer and a copy is kept in the library in case it is further needed.

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