Joint Partnership CCTV Initiative

Joint Partnership CCTV Initiative

Hertfordshire CCTV Partnership is made up of four main partners:

  • Stevenage Borough Council
  • North Hertfordshire District Council
  • East Hertfordshire District Council
  • Hertsmere Borough Council

We also have a number of clients:

  • Letchworth Heritage Foundation
  • Central Bedfordshire Council
  • Hertfordshire Schools.

The partnership is actively pursuing a joint initiative aimed at reducing the fear of crime across the principal public, residential, retail, business and schools within the partnership.  The central feature of this initiative is the 24-hour, manned CCTV control and monitoring room facility in Stevenage.

  • The CCTV Control is permanently staffed 24/7 365 days a year.
  • The control is directly linked to the Police Headquarters Central Control Room at Welwyn Garden City.
  • The Partnership use high quality Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras –  depending on their location these will be either dome or shoebox type cameras and will be either pole mounted or mounted on Buildings.
  • These cameras are high sensitivity, low light colour with external housing.
  • The cameras are all transmitted to the control room on dedicated fibre giving the best quality.

In the future technology applications may be used to allow quality pictures to be linked using Broadband or Micro Wave. All Partnership town centre cameras are recorded onto digital hard drives and the information is stored for 28 days.