Early hours of 4th March 2016r

A CCTV Controller at our Stevenage Control Room monitored a group of 8 males in Market Place, Hitchin all of whom seemed drunk as they were play fighting and being a general drunken nuisance. Due to their behaviour they were followed about town by the CCTV operator.

The fun then turned to criminal activity as they all got into two cars in Sun Street, clearly the drivers were not fit to drive.

The police control room were informed and using the partnerships facilities the live feed from the camera was patched to the control room in Welwyn Garden City. Both cars were monitored driving down Sun St onto Bridge St.

One turned right at the roundabout but the other turned left and was monitored on the cameras driving along Queens St onto Hermitage Road then onto Bancroft.

Police were ready and were parked up on Bancroft and they followed the car onto Nightingale Road where they put their blues lights on and indicated for the car to stop.

The cars occupants took exception to being stopped by the police and proceeded to drive off from them, at speed and fail to stop for the police. The driver and two passengers then ran out of the vehicle in the area of Meadowbank, Hitchin. The police managed to locate all three occupants who were arrested, including the driver who was drunk.

The following checks discovered the car was not insured and the driver was already banned for driving. This shows that drunken antics caught on CCTV can lead to real offences that can endanger the public.