Parliament Square, Hertford, 26th Feb. 01:48 hrs.

In the early hours of this Sunday morning the Blackbirds pub called controllers over the Town Link radio requesting that cameras be placed viewing the front door of the venue, where an argumentative man  outside had started becoming aggressive with the door staff.

Police officers attended the pub, but soon had to call for more officers to attend when fighting broke out amongst the people inside the pub and continued while they were being ejected from the premises.

Controllers witnessed men wrestling with the police officers until they were forced to use their PAVA spray on one man.

In the ensuing melee a police woman went down to the ground with a suspected broken ankle as the fighting continued.

Two men were arrested for assault, but another man became aggressive and using threatening behaviour, so that  officers had to use force to arrest him.

Several men were arrested under Section 5 of the Public Order Act, as still more police units had to be called to deal with the hostile and aggressive crowd.   The shameful tally from this fracas included several antagonists suffering the effects of PAVA and a female officer who had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance.

As if this incident itself was not bad enough two weeks later, again in the early hours of a Sunday morning, another fight involving a crowd of up to twenty people broke out in Parliament Square that resulted in bloody injuries and a man losing part of his ear and being taken by ambulance to hospital.