22nd of March 2016 Lunchtime.

WH Smith, Hertford call the CCTV Control Room via the Shop-link Radio System to report a male and female had shoplifted some DVDs and are getting into Black Mercedes that is parked up outside Toni and Guy Hairdressers.

The Operator picked up the car on CCTV and patched the images through to Police County Control Room in Welwyn Garden City. The cars number plates have been tampered with to make the registration look different to its actual number.

The male is seen driving and female seen in the passenger side with the DVD’s putting them into a bag. The police controller who was monitoring the images from the Police Control Room Car directed a Police officer who is accompanied by a Police Community Support Officer to the car which is stopped on Fore Street near the roundabout with South Street.

The driver, who clearly did not want to be arrested decided to try and drive through PCSO and female officer but is stopped by a member of the public’s car, which they drove to block the offenders car.

The Male and Female are arrested. The car is also seized under the proceeds of crime act.