Five men have been jailed after a man was glassed in the face and another was assaulted outside of the Cinnabar Café in Stevenage.
One male 32 years old from Springhall in Glasgow, admitted in court to hitting one of the two victims in the face with a glass, and was sentenced to four years in jail on Friday the 19th of February.
The main offender and four other offenders left the scene, but police traced them to a hotel in Stevenage using a photo that had been taken inside the bar and CCTV coverage. The men were found they were in just their underwear, having disposed of their clothes.
Officers searched the High Street and in a bin they found a T-shirt that they identified as the one the main offender had been wearing during the incident. The other four men also pleaded guilty before the sentencing at Cambridge Crown Court on Friday the 19th of February and were each given a 16 month custodial sentence for violent disorder.
Another male from Sandyhills in Glasgow, was given 20 months for the same offence.
This was a direct result of CCTV monitoring previously reported here in 2015