Bancroft, Hitchin, 16th Oct. 2016 01:13hrs.
Controllers patched images through to the Police Control Room after hearing over Airwaves of a woman who had been running into the road at Bancroft and Ickleford Road, in an attempt to kill herself.
Controllers continued to monitor the situation as the woman was pulled from the road by several members of the public, who had to restrain her on the floor to protect her from harm.
The woman continued to struggle and attempt to put herself in harms way, until police officers arrived and managed to move her to a shop doorway. It was discovered that the woman suffered from serious mental health problems and she was taken away to be assessed and was eventually sectioned for her own safety.
We believe that in the early hours of this particular morning, members of the public intervened in a very positive way to help the woman. Cheers!