High St. Baldock, 11th Oct. 14:16hrs.

A telephone call from the police control room requesting controllers to view the High Street in Baldock, concerned the welfare of an elderly man reported to by lying in the road there.
Controllers patched images through to the police’s direct feed at the police control room and monitored an elderly man who could be seen lying in the road covered in a blanket.

Three members of the public were comforting the man while two other men were seen to be directing the traffic at the scene.

A police unit arrived at the scene and waited for the ambulance that had been requested to attend.
CCTV Controllers continued to monitor the situation for further developments as the elderly man was helped to get back on his feet and police officers walked the man across the road to a doctors surgery close by.

The elderly man had suffered a broken jaw and had lost several teeth in a bad fall. The incident could have been worse but for the concern and kindness of the members of the public who immediately stepped in to help