These are all the reports relating to the Hertfordshire CCTV Partnership over the last few years.

Annual Operations Reports

Hertfordshire CCTV Partnership 2016-17 Annual Operations Report

Hertfordshire CCTV Partnership 2015-16 Annual Operations Report

Hertfordshire CCTV Partnership 2014-15 Annual Operations Report

Management Reports

Stevenage Management Reports

North Herts Management Reports

East Herts Management Reports

Hertsmere Management Reports

Client Management Reports

Broadband Cameras

Codes of Practice

Codes of practice are used to manage and regulate the use of the CCTV System.

Hertfordshire CCTV Partnership Code and Practice and The Purpose Statement

12 Guiding Principles to the Code of Practice

CCTV Privacy Impact Assessment Blank Form

CCTV Privacy Impact Assessments 2017-18

Historical Privacy Impact Assessments

CCTV Privacy Impact Assessments 2015-16

CCTV Privacy Impact Assessments 2016-17